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If you are interested in using one or more of the Confocal and Light Microscope Imaging Facility’s microscopes for research, you can contact Susan Cooper,, or Dirk Lang, .  Go here for information on available microscopes to be used.

We are using the Calpendo booking system and all bookings are to be made via the following webpage:


User / Project Registration

In order to book the microscopes at Confocal-UCT you will be asked to register as a new user (if you are not registered yet) on the Calpendo webpage:

After registration approval from one of our administrators (Susan Cooper / Carla Van Niekerk / Dirk Lang), you will get full user access to our booking system.  Refer to our Microscopes and applications page for details about the microscopes in our facility.

In order to book one of the confocal microscopes you will need to have your project registered.  Bookings for the fluorescence microscopes do not need project registration.


Consultation and training

First time users or users starting new research projects where imaging is required, can book consultation sessions with Dirk Lang,  or Susan Cooper to discuss preparation methods for samples  as well as the imaging process and data analyses.


Slot Duration

Slots can be booked from a minimum of 30 minutes, especially on the fluorescence microscopes.  Depending on the number of samples and complexity of the imaging, two hour or longer slots are available.  Users that need assistance must book slots during business hours and check for the availability of the facility staff to assist.  Independent and trained users are allowed to book after hour slots.  


Assisted business hours are:
Monday to Friday       09H00 – 16H00  (assistance availability will be logged on Calpendo)


Fee Structure

Microscope type Zeiss LSM880 AiryScan Elyra Super-resolution Zeiss LSM510 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Upright Fluorescence microscope
Laser cost / HBO lamp R385 per hour R385 per hour R180 per hour R54 per hour R54 per hour (when using the HBO lamp)
Assistance cost R107 per hour R107 per hour R107 per hour R54 R54

Corporate fees are 150% of the above



PDF   List of secondary Antibodies and other consumables available for purchase



Assisted bookings on the confocal cancelled 24 hours in advanced will be free of charge.  Cancellations within an hour before commencement of the assisted booking will be charged 50% of the hourly fee.  Failure to cancel both assisted or non-assisted bookings are charged the hourly rate.



When making a booking on Calpendo, you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions, which includes payments.  Quarterly billing will be done.